Football Club Secretary of the Year!!!

Football Club Secretary of the Year!!!
It has been a season of firsts and challenges; our first at the Hub, our first U23 match, our first Tournament (fingers still crossed for that!), our embracing of Senior Ladies football and…all our usual trials and tribulations – especially with the grass-pitch problems and the ‘beast from the east’.
One person though has kept it all together, and has helped to keep everything running as smoothly as possible; Jo Scannella…and at the SYL AGM last night (4/6/18), her organisation, her hard-work and her love of Walton Casuals Juniors FC was recognised by the Surrey Youth League who awarded her, ‘The Club Secretary of the Year’. Unfortunately, Jo was not at the AGM to receive the award as she was at home busily going through various matters concerning our Tournament, which starts this coming Saturday ( 9/6/18).
Frank, our Chairman, went up on her behalf and was humbled by how well regarded his wife is and the rich applause he received in her place.
There were some lovely things said publicly by General Secretary Frank Thompson to the packed hall, and some quiet, heartfelt words expressed by Chairman Graham Ekins, whose last evening it was in the Chair (after 10 years) as he moves aside to become Vice-President of the League.
It was stated that Jo didn’t win the award for all that she has done – and endeavoured to do – this season, but for all that she has achieved over the past 5 years.
We at Walton Casuals Juniors can only thank her and hope that she carries on in the role for the next 5 years…well done, Jo!