Three promotion spots up for grabs

Three promotion spots will be up for grabs in the Bostik South Division for the 2017-18 season due to structural changes.

As part of the FA’s bid to cut travelling times and costs across the country, an extra division at Step 3 and 4 will come into effect for the 2018-19 campaign.

This means the top two teams will earn automatic promotion next season, rather than just the champions, while third to sixth will compete in the play-offs. The highest-ranked third-placed team across the divisons will also earn automatic promotion, meaning a seventh placed team would feature in the play-offs for that league.

There are also changes at the bottom of the table, with just one club to be relegated from each league rather than three.

The new Step 3 league will be run by the Southern League, while the Isthmian League will manage the new Step 4 league. In order to fill the new spots, 26 teams will be promoted from Step 5 – the 12 best second-placed clubs will join the usual 14 champions.